Indoor Play Centres

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INDOOR PLAY CENTRES – brought to you by Indoor Outdoor Play Centres –
We specialize in all types of indoor play centres and systems, ranging from toddler play centres , jungle gyms to big play structures and centres / areas that entertain and challenge both younger and older children in an indoor environment. Our indoor play centres / structures feature a maze of activities eg, web crawlies, swings & slides, cargo nets, crawl tubes & ball ponds that provide a challenging experience in an environment that is colorful, stimulating and free from hard sharp objects that can cause injuries to the kids.

Our indoor play centres / areas are safe because our products are made with the finest steel frames and are then reinforced with plastic for extra strength.

Our play centres and structures are put together by qualified and well experienced companies that have provided trustworthy products and services for many many years. Our products are not only safe but UV stable, easy to clean and are extremely resistant against wear and tear.

Our play systems & structures are designed to develop gross motor skills which include creativity, physical, social and mental skills that many take for granted. Indoor play systems and structures provide children with an opportunity to explore the environment safely in a medium that allows them to socialise, communicate and interact in an entertaining play environment that can be customised to suit your specific requirements. Different themes are also available to clients that have a specific idea in mind. These indoor play centres / structure provides a fun environment that keeps children busy for hours and out of harms way.
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