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Our play systems and structures are designed to develop gross motor skills which include creativity, physical, social and mental skills that many take for granted. Indoor play systems and structures provide children with an opportunity to explore the environment safely in a medium that allows them to socialise, communicate and interact in an entertaining play environment that can be customised to suit your specific requirements. Different themes are also available to clients that have a specific idea in mind. These indoor play centres / structure provides a fun environment that keeps children busy for hours and out of harm’s way. Get your Indoor and Outdoor Play Centre today.

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Play time is important for children and having the best playground equipment and soft play equipment is essential. Our products are durable and safe for indoor and outdoor use. Our products include soft play equipment for different ages to build their gross motor skills, playground equipment such as swings, slides and jungle gyms for outdoor use and jumping castles.

Soft play equipment comes in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes for a wide range of use in the playground. We offer preconfigured systems for different ages and skill developments. These shapes are weather resistant, covered with tough PVC material that is easy to wipe clean and waterproof. These shapes are made with firm closed cell foam inside, making these light weight but still hardy to rough play and impact.

Playground equipment such as slides and swings are great for kids, climbing the slide ladder develops strength in their arms and legs. Sliding down is beneficial for preventing motion sickness, making long car trips easier on youngsters. Swings help calm young children who feel overstimulated and increase grip strength.

Jungle gyms are the most useful piece of playground equipment there is, with a variety of activities for groups of children, group play encourages social interaction and develops early conversational skills, the more physical aspects of play are great for children to stay active without turning exercise into a chore, great for strengthening the arms, legs and core muscles depending on the part they like to play on most. Our jungle gyms come in various sizes to fit what space you have available, and can be used indoors and outdoors. These are weather resistant and made from strong materials that are safe to play on.

Activities such as spinning, climbing, swinging and sliding are beneficial for young developing brains. Playground time is important for social skills, playing with other children in an active environment is beneficial. Gross and fine motor and navigational skills are developed as children navigate a fun filled and busy environment. The more a child plays, the better their own internal brain systems develop, such as balance, problem solving, social awareness, spatial awareness and their motor skills. The benefit carries over to school performance as well, an active child will pay better attention in class, disruptive behaviour will also decrease as excess energy is burned up during play time.

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