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Are you looking for a toddler play centre or toddler jungle gym for your Nursery School or home? What about toddler play centre activities for your shopping centre or complex like toddler rides, swings, see-saws, slides, kitchen or a play house to mention but a few? Or are you a church looking for a toddler play house for your Sunday school area? Look no further, IOPC has just the answer for you!

We supply a wide range of toddler play centres and toddler jungle gyms for individuals, schools, nursery schools, casinos, shopping malls, churches etc.

We have local manufacturers as well as importers to give you a wider variety to choose from starting from small rockers, see-saws, slides, swings, play houses, kitchens, rides to large toddler jungle gyms and toddler play centres.

Please note: Due to the vast range of Toddler Play Centres / Toddler Jungle Gyms, we have not listed everything, so should you require any Toddler play Centre or Toddler Jungle Gym that is not listed on our website or our e-catalogue, give us a call so that we can quote you accordingly.

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